15 June 2013

Category A Task List

AMC 145.A.30 (g) Personnel requirements

17/85 Part-145+AMC+GM

1. For the purposes of category A minor scheduled line maintenance means any minor

scheduled inspection/check up to and including a weekly check specified in the

operators approved aircraft maintenance programme. For aircraft maintenance

programmes that do not specify a weekly check, the competent authority will

determine the most significant check that is considered equivalent to a weekly check.

2. Typical tasks permitted after appropriate task training to be carried out by the

category A for the purpose of the category A issuing an aircraft certificate of release

to service as specified in 145.A.50 as part of minor scheduled line maintenance or

simple defect rectification are contained in the following list:

a. Replacement of wheel assemblies.

b. Replacement of wheel brake units.

c. Replacement of emergency equipment .

d. Replacement of ovens, boilers and beverage makers.

e. Replacement of internal and external lights, filaments and flash tubes.

f. Replacement of windscreen wiper blades.

g. Replacement of passenger and cabin crew seats, seat belts and harnesses.

h. Closing of cowlings and refitment of quick access inspection panels.

i. Replacement of toilet system components but excluding gate valves.

j. Simple repairs and replacement of internal compartment doors and placards but

excluding doors forming part of a pressure structure.

k. Simple repairs and replacement of overhead storage compartment doors and

cabin furnishing items.

l. Replacement of static wicks.

m. Replacement of aircraft main and APU aircraft batteries.

n. Replacement of inflight entertainment system components but excluding public


o. Routine lubrication and replenishment of all system fluids and gases.

p. The de-activation only of sub-systems and aircraft components as permitted by

the operator's minimum equipment list where such de-activation is agreed by the

competent authority as a simple task.

q. Replacement of any other component as agreed by the Agency for a particular

aircraft type only where it is agreed that the task is simple.

NOTE: This list will be periodically updated in the light of ongoing experience and

technological changes.